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Glycemic Index Food Values

The Low Glycemic Index Diet works with your current diet plan.

To use this diet, you continue your current calorie and carbohydrate intake, but follow these four steps.

  1. Make a list of the carbohydrates in your diet. Write down how often you eat vegetables, fruits, bread, grains, cereals, pasta, rice, juices, beans, soups, baked goods, etc.
  2. After making this list, find the Glycemic Index for each food. If you have trouble finding a food's GI, look for the ingredients of the food.
    • If the ingredients are highly processed (refined white flour, sugar, corn syrup) rank the food as a high GI food.
    • If the food has mixed ingredients of some processed and some unprocessed ingredients, rank it as a medium GI food.
    • If almost all the ingredients are unprocessed, rank the food as a low GI food.
  3. Try to eliminate all the high GI foods (those with a GI over 70) from your diet. Do what you can to remove some of the medium GI foods (those with a GI between 55 and 70) as well.
  4. Using a reference of GI food values, identify low GI foods you can substitute into your everyday diet. Should you have a high GI food in a meal, see if you can offset it by consuming something with a very low GI to bring down the average GI of your entire meal.

Here is a list of many common foods and their estimated GI value

Food Category Food GI Value
Fruits Apple 38
Fruits Apricots, canned 64
Fruits Apricots, dried 30
Fruits Apricots, fresh 57
Fruits Banana 52
Fruits Cantaloupe 65
Fruits Cherries 22
Fruits Dates 103
Fruits Figs, dried 61
Fruits Fruit Cocktail 55
Fruits Grapefruit 25
Fruits Grapes 46
Fruits Kiwi 58
Fruits Mango 51
Fruits Orange, Navel 42
Fruits Papaya 56
Fruits Peach, canned in juice 38
Fruits Peach, fresh 42
Fruits Pear, canned 43
Fruits Pear, fresh 38
Fruits Pineapple, fresh 66
Fruits Plum 39
Fruits Prunes 29
Fruits Raisins 56
Fruits Strawberries 40
Fruits Watermelon 72
Vegetables Beets 64
Vegetables Broccoli 10
Vegetables Cabbage 10
Vegetables Carrots 49
Vegetables Corn, fresh 60
Vegetables Green peas 48
Vegetables Lettuce 10
Vegetables Mushrooms 10
Vegetables Onions 10
Vegetables Parsnips 97
Vegetables Pumpkin 75
Vegetables Red Peppers 10
Beans Baked Beans 48
Beans Blackeyed Peas, canned 42
Beans Chana Dal 8
Beans Chickpeas, canned 42
Beans Chickpeas, dried 28
Beans Kidney Beans, canned 52
Beans Kidney Beans, dried 28
Beans Lentils 29
Beans Lima Beans (frozen) 32
Beans Yellow Split Peas 32
Potatoes Baked 85
Potatoes Canned 65
Potatoes Instant Mashed 86
Potatoes French Fries 75
Potatoes New 57
Potatoes Red Skinned, boiled 88
Potatoes Sweet 44
Potatoes White-skinned mashed 70
Potatoes Yam 37
Rice Aborio 69
Rice Basmati 58
Rice Barley, pearled 25
Rice Brown 55
Rice Buckwheat 54
Rice Converted, White 38
Rice Cornmeal 68
Rice Couscous 65
Rice Glutinous (Sticky) 98
Rice Instant, White 87
Rice Long grain, White 44
Rice Short grain, White 72
Rice Wild rice 87
Soups Black Bean 64
Soups Lentil 44
Soups Minestrone 39
Soups Pea 66
Soups Tomato 38
Pasta Capellini 45
Pasta Fettuccini (egg) 32
Pasta Linguine 46
Pasta Macaroni 47
Pasta Spaghetti, white 38
Pasta Spaghetti, whole wheat 37
Pasta Spiral Pasta 43
Pasta Star Pastina 38
Pasta Rice vermicelli 58
Bread Bagel 72
Bread Bread stuffing 74
Bread Croissant 67
Bread French Baguette 95
Bread Hamburger bun 61
Bread Kaiser roll 73
Bread Pita, whole wheat 57
Bread Pumpernickel 41
Bread Sourdough 53
Bread Stone Ground whole wheat 53
Bread Taco Shell 68
Bread White 70
Bread Whole Meal Rye 58
Bread Whole Wheat (100%) 77
Bakery Angel Food Cake 67
Bakery Blueberry Muffin 59
Bakery Bran Muffin 60
Bakery Carrot Muffin 62
Bakery Doughnut 76
Bakery Pastry Pie Crust 59
Bakery Pound Cake 54
Bakery Scones 92
Bakery Sponge Cake 46
Crackers Graham Crackers 74
Crackers Kavli Crispbread 71
Crackers Melba Toast 70
Crackers Rice Cakes 82
Crackers Rice Crackers 91
Crackers Ryvita Crispbread 69
Crackers Soda Crackers 74
Crackers Stoned Wheat Thins 67
Crackers Water crackers 78
Breakfast and Cereals All-Bran with Fiber 38
Breakfast and Cereals Bran Buds 47
Breakfast and Cereals Bran Chex 58
Breakfast and Cereals Bran Flakes 74
Breakfast and Cereals Cheerios 74
Breakfast and Cereals Corn Chex 83
Breakfast and Cereals Corn Flakes 92
Breakfast and Cereals Cream of Wheat 66
Breakfast and Cereals Cream of Wheat Instant 74
Breakfast and Cereals Grapenuts 71
Breakfast and Cereals Muesli 43
Breakfast and Cereals Oat Bran 55
Breakfast and Cereals Pancakes 67
Breakfast and Cereals Puffed Wheat 67
Breakfast and Cereals Quick (One Minute) Oats 66
Breakfast and Cereals Raisin Bran 61
Breakfast and Cereals Rice Krispies 82
Breakfast and Cereals Shredded Wheat 75
Breakfast and Cereals Special K 69
Breakfast and Cereals Waffles 76
Dairy Ice cream, low fat 43
Dairy Ice cream, premium 38
Dairy Skim milk 32
Dairy Whole milk 31
Dairy Yogurt, artificially sweetened 14
Dairy Yogurt, sweetened 33
Cookies Butter 47
Cookies Chocolate Chip 44
Cookies Fudge 57
Cookies Oatmeal 55
Cookies Shortbread 64
Cookies Vanilla Crème Filled Wafers 50
Snacks Cashews 22
Snacks Corn Chips 63
Snacks Hummus 6
Snacks Kudos Bar 62
Snacks Jelly Beans 78
Snacks M & M Peanut Candies 33
Snacks Milk Chocolate 43
Snacks Peanuts 15
Snacks Popcorn 72
Snacks Potato Chips 57
Snacks Pretzels 83
Snacks Walnuts 15
Juices Apple 40
Juices Cranberry Juice Cocktail 68
Juices Grapefruit 48
Juices Orange 53
Juices Pineapple 46
Juices Tomato 38