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More Americans eating more plants

written by Matthew Rensberry, MD MBA on 2021-01-15

A new survey found 47 percent of the United States — including more than half (54%) of respondents between 24 and 39 years-old — consider themselves "flexitarians." A flexitarian is someone who mostly eats plants, but occasionally will eat meat. ... read more

Stress leads to weight gain

written by Matthew Rensberry, MD MBA on 2021-01-15

Another study demonstrating that chronic stress may lead to obesity. Those in the study who had more cortisol in their hair tended to be heavier, have a larger waist circumference, and have a larger BMI. Here is the study. read more

Eat an Avocado

written by Matthew Rensberry, MD MBA on 2020-09-17

Adding avocado to just one meal a day can improve the diversity of microbes in the gut and the healthy substances they create. This can be helpful in weight management and overall health. We know avocados are healthy. Avocados are high in dietary... read more

Take the stairs!

written by Matthew Rensberry, MD MBA on 2020-08-05

The conclusion of a recent study reads: Brief, intense stair climbing is a practical, time-efficient strategy to improve CRF in previously untrained women. The study demonstrated that brief intense stair climbing improves cardiovascular fitness. ... read more

Exercise to prevent dementia

written by Matthew Rensberry, MD MBA on 2020-02-03

Exercise has more benefits than just energy expenditure. A recent study found that aerobic exercise positively affects cognitive areas of the brain as well as motor function. Cardiovascular exercise is linked to brain health, especially regarding... read more

Snack on walnuts!

written by Matthew Rensberry, MD MBA on 2020-01-12

A recent randomized, controlled trial found that consuming a daily serving of walnuts is associated with increased beneficial stomach bacteria. One of the bacteria, Roseburia, is associated with protection of the gut lining. Another, Eubacteria e... read more

Sugar can be an addiction

written by Matthew Rensberry, MD MBA on 2019-12-05

A recent study suggests that sugar influences our brains’ reward centers in much the same way as addictive drugs like opioids. Whenever we have good, positive, or meaningful experiences, our brains provide a reward signal that triggers feelings o... read more

Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

written by Matthew Rensberry, MD MBA on 2019-09-16

A Clinical Evidence Based Approach for Successful Weight Management by Matthew Rensberry, M.D., M.B.A. Introducing my book written for patients, friends, and family! It provides insight into weight physiology and how we can each be successful in ... read more